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Why is proper attic ventilation important?

Poor attic ventilation can be a major problem for your home, as excess moisture and high humidity levels provide the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Inadequate air circulation in attics not only leads to mold and all the danger that it prevents but also the possibility of wood rot creating further structural issues with the home. Taking preventative steps now will ensure that you don't have costly repairs down the line!

Poor ventilation in your attic can start from several different issues. The most common are clogged soffits due to insulation, and lack of proper venting for bathroom fans. When soffits become clogged, air flow also becomes clogged, and moisture becomes trapped inside of the attic. This creates moisture and high humidity in that mold thrives. This is also the case when bathroom exhaust fans are not routed properly. When bathroom fans are simply putting the moisture from the bathroom into the attic and not outside of the home it ends up doing more harm than it is good! Healthy Homes has solutions for both issues! We'll replace the aging or inadequate soffit vents, then install special baffles which stop insulation buildup from clogging the soffits - as well as replace existing moisture-trapping materials with more suitable ones if required. Bathroom fan rerouting is also available; this solution guarantees any humidity produced by bathrooms will be removed directly outdoors rather than pumped into the attic itself.

Keeping your attic properly ventilated can do wonders for the air quality of your home. Fresh and moisture-free air will circulate throughout, helping to ward off mold growth while keeping everyone in the house breathing easily!

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