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What is Attic Frosting and How is it Prevented?

In Central Illinois, it can get quite cold. Bitter cold temperatures can lead to some bad issues with your attic if it is not built and prepared properly. However, when properly informed and prepared – you can avoid these issues that could arise. The largest of these issues is attic frost and ice damming.

Attic frost and ice damming become an issue when humidity and hot air rise into the attic and create condensation on the underside of roof sheathing. When the temperature on the outside of the roof sheathing is cold enough, it will cause that condensation to freeze causing the frosting and ice damming on the inside of your roof. This becomes an issue when that frost is not able to evaporate before more of it accumulates. If a lot of frost and ice begins to form on the underside of the roof sheathing, it will lead to bigger issues.

When a large amount of this frost and ice is forming inside your attic and it finally warms up, you will end up with all that frost and ice melting on the inside of your attic. This can lead to water leaking down your wall or water damage to occur in your attic and living space ultimately causing mold growth.

It is important to prepare your attic to avoid this possibility. In Central Illinois, the most common issue seen that causes this is clogged soffits. When insulation in an attic becomes jammed into the soffit, it is suffocating your attic. Without this ventilation, your attic has no way to control humidity or allow for proper airflow. The solution to this is the installation of baffles in your attic. Baffles will allow the proper airflow from the soffits without allowing the insulation to become jammed on top of them causing clogged soffits. Attic frosting can also be caused by inadequate insulation or an attic that is not properly air sealed.

Here at Healthy Homes, it is our goal to help you fix these issues when they arise, but also help you create a home that is prepared for these conditions and prevents frosting and ice damming so that you never have to encounter them to begin with!

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