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SIgns of a wet crawl space

A lot of our clients never go into their crawl space, or if they do it is not very often. That is OK! Although we are in crawl spaces daily, we understand that it is not very fun! There are signs to look for in your living space that could indicate you have a wet crawl space. These are signs you will not want to ignore. They could mean you also have some more severe issues.

The main thing that can become noticeable is an odd odor. The odor becomes most noticeable when you have guests over. This is due to you, the homeowner, becoming nose blind to odors within your home. When you have guests over, keep your ears open for comments about musty, dirt, or basement smells.

It is also important to pay attention to anyone in the house getting sick often. Recurring sickness while in the home is a dead giveaway of a crawl space being wet or moldy. This becomes most apparent if someone in the house is sick or has more symptoms while at home and then the symptoms become less severe when they are not home.

If any of these signs are present, it is best to check your crawl space sooner rather than later. The longer a crawl space stays wet, moldy, or humid – the worse it gets. If a crawl space stays wet for too long it can lead to further structural and building issues. Maintaining a dry and low-humidity crawl space means a good foundation for the health of your entire home.

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