The Most Common Issues We See in Attics and Crawlspaces

Today, we are talking about attics and crawl spaces. Believe it or not, these are two of the biggest contributors to keeping your home (and you!) healthy.

Let’s Take it From the Top: Attics

There are three common issues that can happen in your attic and they all have to do with ventilation:

#1: Clogged soffits

Soffits are the intake vents that bring fresh air into your attic. If you look straight up at your gutters, the soffit vent is the part between the gutters and your house. If you don’t see any small air holes in this part of your roof, your attic isn’t getting any fresh air circulated into it. If you do have soffits, it is essential to be sure they don’t get dirty or blocked over time.

#2: Poor roof or ridge vents

The air that comes into your attic from the soffits is just one part of the system. Allowing air to escape from your attic is the second part! Ridge vents run across the top of your roof and allow air to escape. If you look at the peak of your roof you should be able to see a raised, mesh piece running along the peak below the shingles. If your roof doesn’t have that, you should be able to see roof vents that allow air to escape in various parts on your roof.

#3: Outdated bathroom ventilation

Where does it go? The old code used to allow you to dump your bathroom ventilation, all the steam from your shower and odor from the bathroom, right into the attic! Yuck! This creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow.

Hot Air Rises: Crawl Spaces

Did you know between 40 - 60% of the air you breathe in your home is coming from the crawl space? And yet, most of us don’t even know what our home’s crawl space looks like! Well, it’s time to get your flashlight and look for these three signs of trouble.

#1: Gross stuff

If you can see debris in your crawl space, it’s a sure sign that it’s affecting the air quality inside your home. We’ve found trash and even animal carcasses in crawl spaces. That’s some pretty gross stuff!

#2: Moisture or pools of water

You may find moisture or even pools of water in your crawl space. This can come from leaks in the wall or moisture coming up from the dirt floor.

#3: Lack of protection

Your crawl space is open to the ground. If you don’t have plastic sealing it off and encapsulating your crawl space, everything that is outside and under all that dirt can get in. So even if you don’t see any of the first two signs, the best option is to seal it off to keep your home healthy.

These two areas are vital to the health of your home. Since founding Healthy Homes in 2015, we know that the biggest impact we can have is found in improving people’s health and keeping their homes a healthy place to live! If you’ve noticed any of these six issues in your home, give us a call and take the first step in making your home a healthy one!

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