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The Most Common Issues We See in Attics and Crawlspaces

Updated: 4 days ago

Today, we are talking about attics and crawl spaces. Believe it or not, these are two of the biggest contributors to keeping your home (and you!) healthy.

Let’s Take it From the Top: Attics

There are three common issues that can happen in your attic and they all have to do with ventilation:

#1: Clogged soffits

A soffit is an essential part of your roof that allows fresh air to circulate into your attic. They are most recognizable between the gutters and the house when looking up at the roof, with small holes designed for breathability. Maintaining these vents clean and unobstructed will ensure a healthy flow of cool outside air inside - something critical in keeping temperatures on track during all seasons!

#2: Poor roof or ridge vents

Keeping air circulating in your attic is essential for its health, and soffits are only half of the equation. To release warm air from within, ridge vents run across the peak of your roof just below visible shingles or you might find several discrete exhaust vent points scattered on top of it. Making sure both parts work together will maintain proper airflow in order to keep things operational up there!

#3: Outdated Bathroom ventilation

Dumping bathroom steam and odors into the attic used to be a common practice, but it can create conditions ripe for mold growth - yuck! Make sure you're taking proper precautions with your ventilation system so that this doesn't happen in your home.

Hot Air Rises: Crawl Spaces

A startling amount of the air we breathe in our homes originates from an area that often remains unseen: The crawl space. Most homeowners are oblivious to its existence, yet it could be a potential source for dangerous health issues if not checked regularly! Now is your chance to get familiar with this important part of your home - here's what you should look out for when inspecting yours.

#1: Gross stuff

A key signifier of poor indoor air quality is the presence of debris in your crawl space. From garbage to animal remains, it's not unusual for some pretty disgusting items to be lurking under your home – certainly enough reason to keep a close watch on this area!

#2: Moisture or pools of water

If you venture into your crawl space, puddles of water might greet you. A moisture issue could be the culprit – whether it's from a leak in the wall or rising up through dirt floor below.

#3: Lack of protection

A neglected crawl space can be like an open door for critters, humidity and other unwelcome elements to invade your home. Taking the initiative by sealing off and encapsulating this vulnerable area will create a healthier living environment in your house - so don't wait any longer!

Keep your home safe and healthy with Healthy Homes! Founded in 2015, we’re passionate about helping people identify potential health risks lurking within their homes. From air quality to moisture control, there are six key areas that affect our well-being - don't wait to reach out if you see any of these issues arise. Let us help make sure yours is a clean and happy home for years to come!

Interested in scheduling an inspection? Give us a call today.

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