Humidity and Dehumidification

Controlling humidity issues in your house is key to creating a healthy home.

Keeping the relative humidity(RH) percentage between 30-50%RH is ideal for normal living conditions.

It is impossible for mold to grow with a (RH) below 60%

In the Midwest, especially Illinois, we get all four seasons. Quick changes in the temperature can cause a spike in humidity. Spikes in humidity can cause certain building materials to condensate, which will add to the relative humidity.

The best way to control humidity is to get a dehumidifier and install it in your crawlspace or basement. Most dehumidifiers that you can buy at your local hardware store are just too small to keep up. Installing the right size dehu is important because it can save you a ton of money on the cost to run your HVAC system and electricity.

In your mind, you may see your common dehumidifier as a portable unit with a hose and bucket, that requires you to pour out the water once it is full. (THIS UNIT WILL NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS) and is most likely a waste of your money……unless you’re just trying to dry out a closet, or a very small room. A full home dehumidifier is the answer to most of your problems when it comes to humidity and moisture in the house.

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