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Humidity and Dehumidification

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Controlling the humidity inside prevents mold growth and maintains a healthy home. High levels of humidity can lead to serious damage, like weakening floor joists or affecting beams - not to mention how it encourages mold growth in any space. To stop all this, make sure your indoor relative humidity stays below 60%. It's one important step towards protecting you and your family from long-term health problems related to poor air quality!

Healthy Homes' full-home dehumidifier is the ideal solution for excessive humidity in your home. Its lightweight, compact design and simple controls make it reliable and efficient - remove up to 110 pints of moisture per day! Plus, its American craftsmanship comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can have peace of mind about quality results.

It can be tempting to add a humidifier when the air seems stuffy in your home, but if you don't know exactly how much humidity there is already, it may only make matters worse! Make sure that before introducing a humidifier device into your house, which could potentially increase humidity levels and cause damage, consider having an expert measure just how much humidity the environment of your abode already has. It might save both time and money from being spent on having to make repairs due to adding too much humidity to the air in your home!

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