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How Long Does Mold Remediation Take?

Updated: 4 days ago

We often receive questions about how long the Mold Remediation process takes. There is often more that goes into this than our clients think. That is why we wanted to create an article to explain what goes into the Mold Remediation process and how long it can take. The short answer is that it can take anywhere from 1 day to a full week. This depends on the size of the affected area and the extent of the growth.

There are steps to the mold remediation process that are often not thought about when considering how long it can take. These include containment, post-remediation cleaning, and any mold prevention measures that are put in place. We see some companies that come in, treat the mold, or even just the air, and leave. This is not the correct way and certainly not the Healthy Homes way.

Containment is possibly the most important part of mold remediation. Containment includes hanging plastic from the ceilings, closing off doorways, covering carpet and other porous floorings, and creating negative airflow. This alone can take up to half a day in some instances. This is because we have to make sure that no shortcuts are taken and that the affected area of the house is truly and entirely sealed off from the rest of the home. Without this, we risk cross-contamination and allowing mold spores to enter the rest of the home. If this were to happen, it could lead to other issues. When the containment is done properly, it ensures the rest of the client’s home is separated from the mold being removed and the chemicals being used to do so.

Once containment is set up, the mold remediation part can begin. This includes the physical removal of all mold that is present. This process can also take a full day or longer, depending on the size of the affected area. There are also circumstances where it takes less than a full day or even a half day.

After all the mold has been removed, it is important to do a deep cleaning. This can include the use of stain remover to remove any stains left behind by the mold. It is also important that we use our EPA-certified botanical to clean the area and ensure the remaining material and air are clean.

In all, mold remediation could last anywhere from 1-3 days. Again, this all depends on the size of the affected area and how long the mold has grown on the material and the extent of the staining. At Healthy Homes, our mission is to not just get the job done quickly but to make sure it is done properly and thoroughly.

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