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Healthy Homes Guide to…..Hiring a Mold Remediation Company

Updated: 4 days ago

Looking to turn your house into a safe, Healthy Home? Here at Healthy Homes, we can make that happen! But first, when looking for the right company to help you with mold remediation there are some key points to consider. Let's dive in and explore what makes an ideal hire so you'll be on track toward achieving a healthier home.

When looking for assistance with a project, it's essential to ensure whomever you hire is insured. Not only can this save money in the event of an unfortunate incident - like injuries or property damage occurring on-the-job – but will also provide peace of mind throughout the job!

When you're dealing with mold, it's critical to make sure the affected area is separated from the rest of your home. This step can help prevent cross-contamination, which involves tiny particles called mold spores traveling and potentially making new colonies in other places inside your residence. It's like a dandelion releasing its bristles when the wind blows or if someone picks it up - all on an incredibly small scale! Get this: You can fit 10-100 thousand mold spores on just the tip of a pen...yikes indeed!

Containment done right should look like this.....

In the picture, you see the use of plastic sheeting and tape to section off the affected areas. To stop mold from spreading, it is important to use negative pressure during remediation. A HEPA-Filtered Air Scrubber can help by cleaning the air and creating an environment with less atmospheric pressure than normal in affected areas - this will prevent spores from migrating elsewhere!

The last step is an important decision to make – don't get fooled by "fogging" solutions that might not be enough. Mold needs physical removal in order to prevent it from becoming active again when the conditions are right, such as high levels of humidity or moisture contact. Make sure you know your options and choose wisely!

Here at Healthy Homes, we are committed to giving you all the resources needed to make your house a healthy home. With our knowledge and quality of work we know you’re going to be in good hands. Thanks for giving our post a read and check out our website for more information about Healthy Homes.

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