Healthy Homes Guide to … Creating a Healthy Attic

Say goodbye to the cold and drafty moments in your home! Say hello to a more efficient and comfortable way of living. Today we are going to touch on the steps that we see necessary for creating a healthy attic.

The first step to a healthy attic is attic air sealing. Attic air sealing consists of sealing any holes or gaps that allow air flow from your living spaces into your attic. Attic air sealing is beneficial in several ways. The first benefit would be that attic air sealing reduces your energy cost. When your air isn’t properly air sealed, your warm or conditioned air rises into your attic. There are several ways to check if your attic isn’t properly sealed.

You will first want to look for insulation that is discolored. Most commonly you will see a darker dust accumulated on the insulation. If you live in colder climate, you can check to see how the snow melts on your roof. Observing the snow melting pattern on your roof can help ensure that you aren’t heating your attic. Heating your attic will often lead to ice dams. Poor attic ventilation is the cause of ice dams. Ice dams will continue to cause problems for your home down the road if not addressed properly. Another way, is to remove the current insulation and/or plywood and check for visible gaps. Can lights, which are often left unsealed can contribute immensely, when it comes to wasted energy. Once you have observed all the gaps in attic, imagine all those same gaps but at your front door! Just puts into perspective how much energy you may be wasting is small gaps.

Once your attic is air sealed, the next step is preventing any future problems. Here, we recommend installing baffles to make sure proper air flow is coming through your soffit vents and exiting through the ridge or box vents. We also recommend rerouting bathroom exhaust fans to the exterior of the house. Once preventative measures are in place, your attic is ready for the final step…. Insulation.

When insulating your attic we recommend a R- 49 value of insulation in Illinois. You will want to make sure that when the insulation is installed, you don’t clog the soffits. When the soffits are clogged, it will lead to ventilation issues.

Within a few steps you’re on your way to a more efficient and healthier attic. Here at Healthy Homes, we are committed to giving you all the resources needed to make your house a healthy home. With our knowledge and quality of work, we know you’re going to be in good hands. Thanks for giving our post a read and check out our website for more information about Healthy Homes.

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