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Health Impacts of Mold

Mold is unfortunately quite common in at least half of all homes, causing many people to experience a range of negative health effects such as watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and difficulty breathing. Different individuals can have varying levels of sensitivity - some may never notice the presence while others are extremely sensitive and suffer from considerable symptoms like wheezing or fatigue. It is very similar to allergens in this aspect. Health experts have also done studies and say that many chronic sinus infections are a result of long-term mold exposure. There are also studies that show long-term mold exposure causes the development of asthma. Your breathing is not the only thing that can be impacted, though. Mold has also been proven to cause rashes and even infections. Some of the rashes that mold causes are quite painful and unsightly.

At Healthy Homes, we have not simply made it a priority to treat mold. We want to ensure that our clients can live long and healthy lives. Therefore it is important to have a full understanding of mold and the impacts it can have. This forces us to focus on the small details of mold removal such as containment to avoid cross-contamination within the home, prevention to keep the mold from coming back, and PPE to protect our clients and employees.

If you are sick of feeling sick, we are here to help.

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