Did You Know Your Air Ducts Should Be Cleaned?

Updated: Mar 15

You probably have a regular cleaning routine at home. Mopping the floors, scrubbing the tub, and cleaning dust off of all your surfaces. But one of the areas you likely don’t have on your cleaning list is your air ducts. If you have done construction projects in your home, own a pet, or frequently suffer from seasonal allergies, you will want to make sure checking your air ducts and air filters is added to your cleaning list right away.

Air ducts are one of those areas in your home that you may not be all too familiar with beyond the thermostat to control how hot or how cold it is inside your home. However, that needs to change! Did you know, you should be changing the filter on your HVAC system every three months and every month if you have pets? Also did you know you should consider hiring someone to clean your air ducts at least every three years?

Your HVAC system works by taking the air from outside and from the return vents in your home and then heats or cools that air and pushes it through your air ducts to control the temperature of your home. What happens over time is that dust, construction debris, and pet dander can get trapped in your air ducts. If this happens, then each time you hit that thermostat your HVAC is also circulating those contaminants as it pushes out air. Whatever gets into your ducts will also be present in the air that is being pushed through them and ultimately ends up in the air you breathe in.

Gross, right?

How to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

You can help prevent these contaminants from getting into the air by regularly replacing the filter in your HVAC system. This filter cleans the air that gets returned through the vents before it heads back into your home. You should be checking and changing the filter at least every three months, but if you have pets be sure to do this at least once per month.

The other thing you can do to help clear out those pesky contaminants is to get your air ducts cleaned. It is recommended that you get this done every two to three years if you have pets and every three to four years if you don’t. When a professional comes to clean your ducts they will cut small holes in the duct work to feed in tubes. These tubes hit the sides of your ducts to make sure any extra contaminants are loosened and then get sucked out of the duct.

If you aren’t sure if your air ducts have ever been cleaned before, it is very easy to check. Just head down to your basement to look at your air duct work. You’ll be looking for a plug in the bottom of the duct work and a section that has been patched from where a large vacuum was connected to your duct. If you can’t find these signs of past cleaning, then it’s definitely time to do a routine duct cleaning!

An added benefit of regular duct cleaning is that we can help you catch mold early and make sure that it never has the chance to grow in your ducts and get its particles in the air you breathe. By regularly cleaning your air ducts, you can help keep the air in your home clean which creates the environment to improve the health of your home.

If it’s been a while since your air ducts were last cleaned or if you aren’t sure if they have ever been cleaned at all, there is no better time to invest in making your home a healthy one! Give us a call today (309.418.9511) to schedule an inspection.

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