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Creating a Healthy Attic

For a healthy attic, proper ventilation and the right amount of insulation are essential. Insulation should be installed in such a way that it does not impede airflow which can contribute to an increase in humidity levels – something we want to avoid! It is also a common issue to see bathroom exhaust fans vented directly into the attic rather than the outdoors. This was common practice from the 1970s until the early 2000s. Taking the humidity from your bathroom and pumping it into your attic is simply creating a humid attic that is bound to have mold growth. Keeping good air circulation will help maintain optimal conditions for your home's uppermost area.

To ensure your attic remains healthy and safe, installing baffles can help direct airflow away from clogging the soffit vents. This is extremely important due to the fact that clogged soffits will essentially suffocate your attic and not allow it to breathe. It is the equivalent of a human choking and not being able to get the air they need. Replacing BATT Insulation with modern blow-in insulation is also highly recommended. BATT insulation is known to suck up moisture like a sponge and hold onto it. This causes the wood that the insulation is in contact with to have excess moisture sitting on it for prolonged periods of time leading to mold growth and even worse - wood rot.

Fresh air is essential for your health, but it's easy to forget about the source that often supplies all of our home: The attic. Healthy Homes provide you with peace of mind by creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere - one free from mold spores and other potentially dangerous airborne contaminants. Get ready to take deep breaths knowing your healthy attic ensures clean air quality throughout your entire house!

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