Buying a Home? Get it Healthy Homes Approved

Updated: Mar 15

Your excitement bubbles over as you bring the last of the boxes into your new home. You’ve been dreaming about how you are going to arrange the furniture and what color you will paint each room. What you haven’t discovered yet is the mold in the crawlspace which can contaminate the air quality of the entire house.

This situation is terrible. But we’ve seen it more than you may think, and our team here at Healthy Homes wants to do everything to avoid people experiencing this kind of surprise.

If you’ve purchased a house before, you’ve probably learned a few extra things to look for before you buy or you at least expect that there will be some things that a home inspector will miss. Usually those are small and insignificant things like an electrical outlet that needs to be replaced or minor cracks in your walls. While your home inspector will be looking for obvious signs of mold, they likely aren’t checking for the early warning signs of mold and other areas of concern to you and your home’s health.

4 Reasons to Have an Expert Inspect for Mold

Here are the top four reasons you should consider having an impartial third-party take a look at a house before you consider closing on it or, if you’ve owned your house for a while, why you should consider giving your house a check up!

  1. A home inspector usually won’t check the air quality or for early signs of mold. A home inspector has to have a lot of general knowledge about your house, but they are not usually experts at mold, moisture, or humidity. They will be sure to note obvious signs of mold, but there are often overlooked early signs of mold. Most notably, a home inspector won’t test the air quality of your home or look for discoloration on surfaces.

  2. They can’t provide you with a “real” quote to fix any issues. Just like your realtor, an inspector will provide a range or their best guess of what it will cost to fix any issues they find. That isn’t the same thing as a quote. A real quote will be the actual price to complete the work. When you only use a home inspector’s best guess, you could be surprised by the real cost of repairs when you go to get the work done.

  3. Not all home repairs were done right. Whether it was a DIY job by the past owner or if a company made the repairs, not every job was done correctly. We’ve seen it time and time again where an encapsulation or mold remediation was done incorrectly and had to be done all over again. Unless you are an expert, it can be difficult to spot the differences between a correctly-completed repair and one that was done incorrectly.

  4. A home inspector is ultimately checking that your home is functional, not healthy. This is important, don’t get us wrong! But there’s a big difference between a house that is functional and a home that is healthy. A functional home could have an encapsulated crawlspace that was done poorly or a crawlspace without any encapsulation. You would never consider buying a car that doesn’t have an air conditioner, but that car would still be considered functional! When considering if your home is healthy, you need to consider how the ventilation is set up, that an encapsulation was done properly, and that all the systems are working properly throughout those spaces.

When it comes to your home and your health, it’s worth making sure your new home will be a healthy one. What better way to do that than to know from the get-go the condition of your home and what it may cost to make it more than functional?

If you are considering buying a new home, be sure to schedule Healthy Homes to assess it before you sign on the dotted line! You will never regret eliminating any surprise issues and finding out if your new home is a healthy one!

Or maybe you have owned your home for a while now and you’ve never had an expert check for signs of mold, moisture, or that you have proper ventilation. There’s no better time to check to see if your home is healthy than now.

Take the first step in getting your home Healthy Homes Approved by giving us a call at 309-418-9511 to schedule an inspection!

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