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7 Reasons You Should Encapsulate Your Crawlspace

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Do you have a crawlspace? Take a few minutes to learn the benefits of encapsulating and insulating your crawlspace to create a healthy home!

Alright, so you probably already know that encapsulating your crawlspace is crucial to making your home a healthy one. But did you know that there are more benefits to encapsulating your crawlspace beyond fighting mold or getting rid of damaging moisture? The best part of these additional benefits is that you’ll see them pay off by keeping your money in your wallet where it belongs!

We encourage you to encapsulate your crawlspace because 40-60% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawlspace. The other reason is that moisture in your crawlspace can create a breeding ground for insects and mold, which can affect not only the health of your home but your family’s health as well.

If you also insulate your crawlspace, you’ll be keeping up to $20 out of a $100 monthly heating and cooling bill in your wallet! In addition to reducing the amount of your heating and cooling that escapes, the insulation will also help extend the lifetime of your HVAC system. When you reduce the lost heat and cooling, your HVAC system won’t have to run as often.

Did you know that 40-60% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawlspace?

What else could the lack of insulation cost you?

You may have heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Is that true here! You can save thousands of dollars in future repairs by making sure you’ve eliminated common issues. For instance, did you know that lack of insulation in your crawlspace can cause extreme fluctuations in temperature that, when mixed with moisture, can warp or damage your flooring? If your feet recoil back into your bed from the moment they touch the floor, that’s likely due to a lack of insulation.

If you are unsure if your crawlspace could cost you in future repairs or if it is sucking money out of your wallet each month, give us a call for a free inspection and estimate! Take the first step in making your home a healthy one!

Here are 7 reasons to encapsulate your crawlspace:

#1: Improves air quality

Crawlspace encapsulation promotes clean air circulation throughout your home, making it healthier to breathe for your friends and family. Unsealed crawlspaces are breeding grounds for moisture. When moisture is eliminated, humid air is no longer circulated throughout your home.

#2: Eliminates insect infestation

Insects, including termites, need moisture to survive. Crawlspace encapsulations eliminate the possibility of creating conditions that welcome pests such as termites. Avoid the threat of insect infestation, significant damage, and the hassle pests cause by simply addressing your crawlspace needs with professional encapsulation.

#3: Increases healthy living conditions

No one wants to get sick from spending time in their own home. Encapsulating a home’s crawlspace makes the home a healthier place to live and breathe.

#4: Prevents mold and mildew issues

Unwanted moisture issues are prevented when moisture is eliminated from under your home. And no musty, wet odors will enter your home from your heating and air conditioning unit.

#5: Thwarts structural damage

For the long-term stability of your home’s foundation, it’s vital to prevent moisture from accumulating in your crawlspace. When you prevent dampness from gathering in your crawlspace, you also prevent it from seeping through to the dirt which surrounds your home’s foundation. Gutters aim water away from your home’s foundation, but a moist crawlspace under your home can cause trouble. Crawlspace encapsulation helps prevent moisture retention and makes your foundation more stable for years to come.

#6: Increases energy efficiency

W7 Reasons You Should Encapsulate (and Insulate) Your Crawlspacehen your heating and air conditioning unit doesn’t have to fight damp air created by a moist crawlspace, it functions with less energy, which decreases your monthly utility bills. Note: Crawlspace encapsulation pays for itself over time due to the increased energy efficiency it provides your home.

#7: Improves the comfort of your floors

With crawlspace encapsulation, the temperature of your home’s hardwood and tile floors will be more comfortable to walk on, especially during winter months. Encapsulation also keeps your home from feeling wet and humid during the hot summer months.

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