Help! My Basement Keeps Getting Wet!

Wet Basements can cause more problems than just water damage.

Five Benefits of a Dry Basement

1.) Healthier Home. Mold and bacteria thrive in damp areas. A healthy basement should have a humidity reading of only 30-50%. Trust us, you don't want to be breathing in mold and bacteria.

2.) Comfortable Environment. Having a dry basement not only gets rid of musty smells but it makes the air you breathe and walk in feel so much better.

3.) Lower Heating and Cooling Cost. If the air in your basement is humid, then it causes your HVAC system to work in overtime. Keep a dry basement year round and you could save 10-15% on your heating and cooling bill!

4.) Flood Prevention. Having a dry basement is great! No need to wake up at 2AM to start vacuuming water from your basement floor anymore. Having a dry basement may include a waterproofing system and sump pump. It's worth its weight in gold.

5.) If you're still reading this your basement probably gets wet. Message us for a free inspection/estimate. Let us make your house a Healthy Home.

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