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Mold Remediation

Leave your mold Behind!

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Don't let mold take over your home!

Mold can make the home environment uncomfortable and unhealthy for everyone in your family. But don't worry: our Mold Remediation service makes it easier to remove the unwelcome presence of mold and restore order in your home. We offer effective solutions so that you and your family can have better health and happier lives, leading to an atmosphere of joy, comfort, and peace. We are here every step of the way to help ensure a healthier home environment!

Mold Remediaton Process

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Our Process


Step 1: Containment

Your overall health is important to us, so the first step to every mold job is to make sure the worksite is sealed and contained to prevent cross-contamination throughout other areas of the house during our remediation process.  

Step 2: Remove all affected porous materials 

After the worksite is contained and secured, the second step of the mold remediation process is to physically remove any affected porous materials, such as drywall, paneling, and/or plaster. If there is mold on your foundation walls, our process would be to grind down and prep the area.  

Step 3: Remove all surface mold 

After all affected building materials are removed, the next step in our mold remediation process is to remove all surface mold by using a specialized HEPA vacuum. 

Step 4: Disinfect all Building Materials 

When all surface mold is gone, we will start the disinfecting process. Our team will spray and wipe down all your affected framing and other building materials using EPA-registered disinfectants until all mold is removed.  

Step 5: Fogging

The last step of our remediation protocol is fogging. After the mold is removed and the area is treated, our team will fog the air with an EPA-registered disinfectant to kill any mold spores that could be present in the air. 

The attic of a Central, Illinois home revealed an intimidating black mold growth lurking in its corners. The discovery sparked fear and worry among the family living there as they worked quickly to remove it before any serious harm could be done.
Mold Remediation Pricing

Mold Remediation Pricing

The cost of mold remediation will vary depending on the size of the affected area, the extent of the remediation, and if other prevention methods are needed to be done. Every project is different, but our average cost for remediation ranges between $2,800-$3,100.

Average Cost of Remediation

How Long Does Mold Remediation Take?

Mold remediation typically takes between 1-2 days to complete. The length of the project can vary depending on the location of the affected area and the score of work that is needed to complete the job correctly. 

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