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Rantoul commercial cleaning performed by Healthy Homes.



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Humidity & Moisture

Commercial Cleaning

Mold can cause a lot of pain for our clients. Whether it be employees getting sick or even a stop in production, mold is an unwanted surprise that comes with an unexpected expense to fix it. Our commercial services consist of our experts quickly identifying potential mold problems and giving our client's all of our recommendations, so they can make an educated decision that works best for their company.  

Commercial Mold
Commercial Mold Testing performed in Rantoul, Illinois

Our Solution for MOLD


Commercial Mold Inspections

Our inspection process starts with a meeting with our client to go over all the information about suspected areas of the building. After this meeting, our inspector will focus on the suspected areas and, if there are any, look into all the building's attics, basements, and crawl spaces. We focus on these three areas because they are not only the most important when it comes to maintaining proper indoor air quality, but they are often the most overlooked. All three of these spaces in a building are vulnerable to humidity and excess moisture, which causes the growth of mold. After our inspector checks all the suspected areas, they will then put together an estimate with our recommendations to remediate and prevent mold. Our mold inspection process takes anywhere between 1-2 hours, depending on how many suspected areas are in the home.  

Commercial Air Sample Testing 

Commercial Mold Inspection performed in a factory.
Commercial duct cleaning for Central, Illinois

Our air sample testing is our first option for mold testing. Our air testing kit takes in air at a specific rate per minute while trapping mold spores into a cassette. This process takes between 4-8 minutes per sample. Our air testing option will always include an outdoor "control" sample that will be used on the testing report so that we can compare the mold spore count inside your building with the "control" sample taken outside your building. This testing option is recommended when there aren't signs of visible mold during the inspection, and there are concerns that mold could be hidden in the home.  

Commercial Surface Sample Testing 

Our surface sample testing is our second option for mold testing. Surface sample testing is the most accurate form of testing when there are visible signs of mold. This form of testing consists of taking a surface sample using a piece of tape on suspected building materials in the building.  

Testing Results 

After the testing, we will send the samples to an Independent 3rd Party Lab to analyze the tests and determine the results. After the results are determined, the lab will send us a mold report that we will email to our clients with the results of the samples we were taken. In that same email, we will send a summary of the findings to our clients and give our recommendations for remediation and prevention. This process takes 3-5 days from the time our lab receives the results. We do offer options for expedited results for additional charges.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Step 1: Containment 

Your overall health is important to us, so the first step to every mold job is to make sure the worksite is sealed and contained to prevent cross-contamination throughout other areas of the building during our remediation process.  


Step 2: Remove all affected porous materials 

After the worksite is contained and secured, the second step of the mold remediation process is to physically remove any affected porous materials, such as drywall, paneling, and/or plaster. If there is mold on your foundation walls, our process would be to grind down and prep the area.  


Step 3: Remove all surface mold 

After all affected building materials are removed, the next step in our mold remediation process is to remove all surface mold by using a specialized HEPA vacuum. 


Step 4: Disinfect all Building Materials 

When all surface mold is gone, we will start the disinfecting process. Our team will spray and wipe down all your affected framing and other building materials using EPA-registered disinfectants until all mold is removed.  

Step 5: Fogging

The last step of our remediation protocol is fogging. After the mold is removed and the area is treated, our team will fog the air with an EPA-registered disinfectant to kill any mold spores that could be present in the air. 

Factory mold remediation in Rantoul, Illinois.

OUR SOLUTION FOR Air Duct Cleaning

Why it is important?

Your HVAC system works by taking the air from outside and from the return vents in your building and then heating or cooling that air and pushing it through your air ducts to control the temperature of your building. But what happens over time is that dust, debris, and pet dander can get trapped in your air ducts. If this happens, then each time you hit that thermostat, your HVAC is also circulating those contaminants as it pushes out air. Whatever gets into your ducts will also be present in the air that is being pushed through them and ultimately ends up in the air you breathe in.

Our Solution

Our solution starts by sealing your vents and putting your ductwork on reverse flow so we can use a vacuum system to remove everything from your ductwork. After that step, we go around and clean your furnace, registers, and your A-Coils. 


For our commercial duct cleaning services, prices are based on the number of vents and the number of units in the building. The average price for our commercial duct cleaning is between $3,500-$5,000.

Dirty ductwork in a commercial factory.
Commercial Ducts
Commercial-grade dehumidifer installed in a basement.

Our Solution for Humidity & Moisture

Why it is important?

The two biggest factors of mold growth in a commercial building are high humidity and moisture. If the humidity in your is above 60%, it becomes a breeding ground for mold. ​

Our Solution

Our solution is a commercial-grade dehumidifier. Our versatile series of dehumidifiers can control not only the humidity in the area that it is installed but also the whole building. They are lightweight and compact, this Aprilaire dehumidifier offers made-in-America quality and simple controls. Depending on which option you select, they can remove between 70-110 pints of moisture per day. They also come with a  5-year warranty.


Our pricing for a commercial-grade dehumidifier depends on the size of your home and if there is electrical and drainage available in the location where it needs to be installed. Our full home dehumidifier pricing starts at $1,899. 

Commercial Humidity and Moistue Controll
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